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Best of British Furniture

By Danielle Somerfield, 30th March, 2014

Since the triumph of the London 2012 Olympic Games along with the Royal Wedding and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the theme of ‘Best of British’ has maintained its popularity in a wide range of contexts. Interior design is one example of this, and it's difficult to avoid the vast array of stylish rooms that have employed this look in recent times. From cushions through to dining chairs, an increased amount of designers and high street shops have been incorporating British inspired designs and items into their lines.

Best Of British Style

One of the most beneficial components of this theme is that it can be embraced within a room as much or as little as you like. If you wish to obtain a room that makes a bold statement, the red, white and blue colour scheme famously associated with Britain can be fully employed on walls and throughout all elements of the decor. However, within minimalist or neutral interiors the patriotic concept can easily be achieved through the simple addition of a co-ordinating splash of colour, or a funky accent piece featuring a Union Jack or quintessentially British image.

Best Of British Cushions

With this in mind, we've decided to embrace this trend and put together our own mood board on how you can incorporate this style into your home. We've utilised a number of our own products, such as the Orbit Coffee Table Union Jack Inner, as well as a variety of soft furnishings.

Best Of British Inspiration

What's more, we've created a fabulous Best of British Pinterest board. This features a balanced blend of scene shots, related products, and unique interior ideas that can be used to help inspire anyone looking to add a hint of Blighty to their home.

Best Of British Pinterest Board

Now we’ve shown you some of our ideas we’d love to know... how would you decorate your British inspired room?


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