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10 Kitchen Must-Haves For 2015

By Sophie Hardy, 23rd November, 2015

With so many options and innovations for kitchens, it can be overwhelming to decide what would be great for your home. This year has seen the rise of technology within the kitchen but also the return of vintage materials such as copper and brass. In this article we pick out the most popular and must-have choices for 2015 and order them accordingly.

1. Copper In The Kitchen

The new metal of the year is copper, and this classic material is making its way back into the kitchen. A current trend for using copper in the kitchen is within sinks and taps, but it can work for worktop surfaces or in small complimentary accents such as lighting or utensils and kitchenware. You may wish to go a step further and include copper in your seating with our Fuse Toledo Style Copper Stool. The presence of copper in the kitchen gives a warmer feel to the room, along with a sense of luxury, as it is considered a premium metal.

(February 2019 - Please note, the Fuse is no longer available, we recommend the Hydrant Stool as an antique copper alternative.)

Fuse Toledo Style Copper Stool

2. Built-In Vacuum Cleaner

For effortless cleaning of your kitchen floors, you may want to consider a built-in vacuum cleaner. With no cords and no need for a dustpan and brush, the plinth vac is built into your cabinet and you can simply sweep mess in the direction of the vacuum. This is a unique and convenient must-have for any gadget-loving homeowner. Poggenpohl are the current producers and innovators of the plinth vacuum cleaner, launched in September 2015.

3. Corian Charging Surface

If you tend to use outlets in your kitchen for charging your phone or tablet then you may want to consider integrated charging surfaces. Corian is a type of plastic that can be moulded into shape for many different work surface designs. Along with the seamless design of Corian, it can also include a wireless charging feature within the surface. This is new for October 2015, making it a stylish yet multipurpose piece for a contemporary interior.

4. Kitchen Islands

Implementing a central focus point into the kitchen can create a more social environment. This space becomes the hub of the home with its numerous uses, not just food preparation, but with the addition of kitchen stools, it can double as an extra workspace or eating area. Although this may not be a new feature for this year it is a must-have in any modern-day kitchen.

Modern Kitchen With Island

5. Built-In / Integrated Fridges

Continuing with the built-in topic, a popular and dynamic design for the kitchen this year is the built-in fridge. Fridges that are fully integrated and flush to the wall make the room look more sleek and streamlined, rather than a stand-alone appliance that is fitted into cabinet space. Not only regular food refrigerators but also separate fridges for wine have been a prevalent feature this year.

Integrated Fridge In Modern Kitchen

6. Pop-Up Outlets

There is an ever-increasing range of gadgets used in the kitchen, and with this comes the need for outlets. Pop-up outlets are a popular and safe way of containing your plug sockets in kitchen islands, or even an alternative option to wall mounted outlets that can disrupt the aesthetic of a wall.

7. Instant Hot Water And Hands Free Taps

As a contrast to vintage style copper taps, instant hot water and hands free taps introduce more technology into the kitchen. Hands free taps are a convenient feature whilst also reducing the spread of germs and mess. Many instant hot water taps also offer filtered or chilled options, and with some companies offering instant boiling water, you no longer have to wait for the kettle.

Instant Hot Water Tap

8. LED Lighting

Lighting is key in setting the mood for any room, currently LED lights are on trend for accent lighting and creating focal points in the kitchen. LED lighting allows for various colours to be used so you can set the colour to your preference or colour scheme. Not only are they economic to run, they also provide an even spread of light and can fit into confined areas such as kickboards and in cabinets or drawers.

LED Lighting In Modern Kitchen

9. Warming Drawers

Another popular amenity for foodies this year has been the warming drawer. The warming drawer is practical for keeping food warm when preparing meals, without taking up space in the oven, along with warming plates when entertaining guests. Warming drawers have been around for some time but their popularity continues to rise.

10. Induction Cookers

A must-have for any contemporary kitchen is the induction cooker. The surface of the induction cooker is flat, unlike the traditional cook-top, which gives a super-sleek feel to the kitchen and makes for easier cleaning. This is also a safer option for those with children, as the surface does not get hot to the touch.  Although this is not a brand new feature it is certainly a preferred choice of cooker top for 2015.

Induction Cooker In Modern Kitchen

With vintage and rustic materials making a comeback this year, it can make for an interesting contrast to the ever advancing electronic appliances in the kitchen. It all depends on the look you want to create. Keep an eye out for the latest trends in kitchen must-haves on our Pinterest boards.

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