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In many households, the television has become the focal point of the living room. As a nation, we spend up to four hours a night in front of the TV, so it’s important that your stand looks good and provides adequate support to your television. The right design can also help to keep your home looking tidy with features like cable tidy solutions and shelves for AV systems, as well as helping to avoid overheating by keeping electrical items off of your carpets. Take a look at this handy buying guide, and ask yourself the following questions, to find a safe and stylish stand that’s perfect for your television.

How big is your television?

The size of your television is the most important factor to take into consideration. Often, TV stands have a maximum size television that they can be used with. You can find this information on each individual product listing page. It’s important to check it before you make your purchase, firstly so that it’s big enough to support the base of the television. Secondly, this will ensure that the TV itself doesn’t overhang the stand too much, and thirdly, the right size design will be able to support the weight of your television properly. Choosing the right size model for your television will ensure that your TV remains stable, reducing the risk of damage to your equipment.

TV Stand Size
What style & finish would you like?

TV stands come in all sorts of colours and finishes. Not only is it important to match it to your own interior style, but it’s also a good idea to try and coordinate your television with its new support.
As well as modern glossy models, we have models crafted from wood, like the Aztec TV Stand. In walnut or oak, the Aztec would be a great choice if your interior features other wooden pieces. Alongside ABS or wood, most units tend to feature glass, often in the storage shelves. The glass that we use is toughened, so that it’s strong enough to hold up your television. For those seeking a particularly low-maintenance model, glossy ABS or glass are good choices. These shiny surfaces can be easily wiped or dusted down, making upkeep all the easier.

TV Stand Style and Finish
How much space do you have?

As well as the size of your television, make sure that you take into consideration the size of your room. While freestanding units are great for larger living rooms, handy space-saving corner units are a good choice for any size room. Corner TV Stands are specifically designed to slot into the corner of a room, plus they often come with built in cable-tidy systems to help keep your space clutter-free. Whilst width is important, it’s also a good idea to think about the height of your chosen model. Most units measure between 40-50cm tall, ensuring that your TV remains at the perfect eye-level height for viewing.

TV Stand Space
How much storage do you need?

Most models come with built in shelving or storage, where you can safely house accessories like your satellite box, DVD player, Blu-ray player, home entertainment system, CDs, DVDs and extra remote controls. If you’re a home theatre buff, make sure that you choose a design with enough shelf space to house all these items. Remember too that whilst most home entertainment systems have a standard width, the height can vary considerably; so before making your selection, ensure that the shelves have enough distance between them to accommodate your AV system.
The stylish Preston has a top shelf that’s 23cm tall- perfect for even the bulkiest systems! We include the ‘shelf height’ measurement on our product listing pages, so that you can check this before you buy. Finally, models with built-in cable storage solutions help to keep your living room organised.

TV Stand Storage

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