It’s easy to see why Scandinavian-style home furniture has been popular for over 50 years: it’s a look that’s fun, easy to maintain and works really well in smaller spaces. If you want an uncluttered and functional space in which everything has a place and a purpose, this could be the style for you.

Where did Scandinavian Style Begin?

In the 1950s, a new emphasis on practical, affordable but beautiful furniture began in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Inspired by the art movements of the early 20th century and the cool, earthy Northern environment, the minimalist style was promoted by design institutions across Scandinavia: it was the perfect movement to bring stylish, affordable furniture to the general public and make home design more accessible for everyone.

Scandinavian winters are dark, so it’s important to make the most of natural light and have plenty of standing and desk lamps to keep things cosy in the evenings. Clean lines, soft curves and a pale colour palate make Scandi design uncluttered and minimal, but it’s still important to be comfortable: incorporate details like thick rugs and blankets. They’ll complement the style’s warm-toned woods and contrast with sturdy, practical modern materials.

Clean whites, light woods, soft greys and black graphic details form the background for flashes of colour; from bright red to sky blues, through a spectrum of forest greens, warm oranges and mustard-yellows.


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Scandinavian Furniture Inspiration

Popular Scandinavian Designs

  • Jive Wooden Stool Black

    With a light oak finished frame, the Jive has a trendy Scandi look.

  • Grafton Dining Chair Walnut & Grey

    A bentwood seat with fabric upholstery gives the Grafton a classic charm.

  • Drift Oak and Black Bar Stool

    The Drift features contrasting wood and ABS materials for a contemporary twist.

  • Marcus Dining Chair Grey

    The Marcus features a supportive back and armrests for a comfortable seat.