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Stackable Bar Stools

By Clemency Hitchings, 17th July, 2013

When it comes to choosing furniture, it’s naturally important to consider how much space you have to play with. Our range of stackable bar stools are perfect for those seeking stylish furniture that can be easily stored to one side when necessary. Smart and versatile, these designs are an immaculate fit for a number of different settings.

Untidy Stack of Chairs

The Characteristics of Stackable Stools

These models generally allow up to four stools to be placed on top of each other at any one time. The benefit of this is that they can be easily piled up and placed to one side when completing maintenance tasks, such as tidying, dusting or sweeping the floor. The top-heavy nature of bar stools necessitates that they be stacked vertically. The results of this are both stable and stunning in appearance. Arranging different coloured bar stools in such a way can create a fabulous focal point in itself, remaining neat and practical all the while. Furthermore, these models commonly feature hardwearing seats, typically fashioned from the likes of metal or ABS plastic. This means that they can be placed on top of each other without fear of causing damage to their seats. Plus, these practical materials can be easily wiped clean should any spillages occur. Integrated rubber bungs facilitate the stacking process, helping to reduce friction between the stools.


"Certain designs, like the Healey Kitchen Stool, represent an exception to this rule, combining a faux leather seat with a stackable frame. For those who are at all concerned about damage, cardboard can be easily slotted between the seats in order to help to prevent denting or friction."
Stackable Healey Kitchen Stool

The Flexibility of Space Saving Designs

Our select range of stackable stools have been specially designed for functionality and easy storage. Known for their practicality, they’re often favoured by those contending with space limitations. Whether furnishing a business or simply looking to fill out a small domestic bar area, our customers have come to value the efficiency of these multi-purpose products. These compact bar stools are generally defined by a number of easily identifiable characteristics. As a general rule, they rest on four legs and stand at a fixed height. In most cases, these designs are backless, however some do feature a small backrest. Furthermore, the legs tend to slope outwards. It’s this feature that allows the designs to be easily placed on top of each other. Originally, stackable designs were used in public and commercial spaces, and thanks to their flexible nature, they remain popular in these establishments today. From pubs to cafes, schools to exhibition spaces, they allow you to store extra seating ready for use during busy periods, enabling you to really make the most of the room that you have. Similarly, these designs can be easily piled up and transported, making them popular choices for functions such as weddings or exhibitions.

When it comes to domestic use, these models are ideal for those who frequently find themselves looking to seat surprise guests or extra relatives. From apartment-dwelling couples to grandparents in bungalows, stackable stools are perfect for those who want to combine a small space with a big passion for entertaining. Plus, security need not be a concern, as items like the Replica Tolix Stool feature adjustable sliders, which can be tweaked in order to store them safely.

With our great range of stackable models, you can enjoy all of the benefits afforded to larger spaces in a way that is both compact and unbelievably stylish. An irresistible option for those who value the element of choice, they are likely to continue to grow in popularity for some time to come.


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