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Materials Used in Chairs

By Clemency Hitchings, 6th April, 2010

The amount of furniture available to the consumer these days is immense, and as there are so many materials used in chairs, the choice can be a complicated one. Contemporary kitchen chairs retail in a medley of exotic materials, from faux leather to ABS Plastic. Meanwhile, more traditional items are available in a number of woods, with a range of finishes. There are also retro style chairs, and these tend to be made with faux leather and various other fabrics.

Joshua Dining Chair At Dining Table

Joshua Dining Chair Grey


The multitude of materials doesn't simply end at the seats either. The frames can be several different materials themselves. Chrome plays a dominant role in both retro and contemporary design chairs, and sports a dazzling finish which reflects light in ways that catch the eye. There is also brushed steel, with a more muted presence than chrome but no less durable, which showcases the lustre of such metal.


Brushed Steel vs Chrome Chair Finish


Of course, a number of designs of kitchen chairs tend to be more traditional, too. Wood plays a large role in the more traditional designs, giving that rustic feel. Wood gives a certain depth and richness to any environment, with the grain giving added little details that catch your eye and draw you in. Wood has been used for millennia as a staple building and craft material, and it is easy to see why; light and durable, it can be shaped easily and effuses classic charm. Wooden dining chairs fit in well with kitchens in a terracotta colour scheme, or those with matching wooden beams. It is also superb anywhere with wooden cabinets or flooring. Bentwood is also used for chair legs and seats. Creating smooth and sleek lines, not only is it visually striking but it also enhances comfort when used to form sweeping backrests and arms.


Natural Oak Tree Trunk


Faux leather is a versatile material that has a multitude of uses, from furniture to bags and shoes. When used in furniture, it gives the look and feel of leather dining chairs, but is durable, scratch resistant and unlikely to stain. Faux leather provides a strong alternative to leather, in some cases, even surpassing it! It can be used to create a traditional look, with complex and opulent designs, or can be combined with simple lines and clean edges for a minimal and contemporary look.


Machine Stitching Faux Leather


A slightly softer alternative to leather, fabric dining chairs are now an incredibly popular choice for the home. Often thought of as a cosier option, fabric also comes in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns, making it a great multipurpose material that can suit many different styles of chair. One of the more luxurious types of fabric is velvet, which is known for its lavish quality and is therefore the preferred choice for more opulent and upmarket furniture. Whilst crushed velvet was one of the first types to take off in chair design, more subtle varieties like velour are now becoming fashionable in bolder and brighter colours. You can find out more about our velvet designs in our article on How To Use Velvet In The Home.

By contrast, ABS plastic gives a fresh look. Available in a range of colours, ABS chairs may have a gloss finish that responds to light in a number of interesting ways, whilst a matt finish offers a stylish muted appearance. ABS plastic chairs are also superbly durable and tend to weigh very little, meaning that they can be easily moved and relocated.


Black ABS Plastic Chair Seat


Whatever you're looking for, the sheer variety of materials used in chairs will make it easy for you to find a unique design that's perfect for your home, so don't miss this opportunity to transform your home. Take a look at our full range of dining chairs below.


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