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By Adrian Higgins, 30th October, 2011

When planning and designing your new or renovated seating area, sticking to your budget can be crucial and finding cheap bar stools a must. When contending with finances it’s key you keep two factors in mind: firstly the number of stools you wish to purchase, and secondly the overall amount you want to spend.

"Shopping for the family can be expensive, but shopping for seating doesn’t have to be. Likewise when buying in bulk for commercial use, costs can quickly add up. Yet with our broad range of bar stools to suit all budgets, you’re guaranteed to find something you like at a price you love."
Cheap Coco Bar Stools in Bright Red

Gloss Coco Bar Stool Red

An Inexpensive Option

Whilst “cheap” is often taken to mean poor quality, sub-standard products, Atlantic Shopping doesn't compromise on quality. We pride ourselves in providing top quality products using dependable materials to build our first-class range of budget stools. British standard is 1.2 for Micron Steel, we upgrade our products to 1.5 to ensure they are substantially sturdier.

It’s true that as price increases so does the quality of material used, however our cheaper models are still solid, stylish and trustworthy products which offer great value for money. Furthermore all of our bar stools, whatever the price, come with the same impressive guarantee.

Here are a few customer favourites:

Bargain Without Compromising Style

When choosing which seat material, you can grab yourself a bargain without comprising style. Durable and hard-wearing, ABS plastic is a popular yet low cost choice for fast paced kitchen and bar environments. Impact resistant and water repellent, it comes in a variety of high gloss colours that make a lasting impression without breaking the bank. The Gloss Coco (pictured above) is a prime example; a highly practical model that comes in no less than ten vibrant shades. Similarly acrylic is another inexpensive choice that doesn’t scrimp on style, its range of translucent colours cutting a striking visual effect.

Faux leather is a plush alternative has the same look and feel of real leather, yet comes at a fraction of the price. Characteristically more resilient to harsh chemicals and stains than genuine leather, it can be wiped clean should any spillages occur.

Likewise when selecting your frame, we have a variety of finishes on offer which allow you to stick to your budget. Cheaper models are typically finished with mirrored chrome, a durable and scratch resistant material that’s chic and stylish. However techniques have improved and we’re now able to source brushed steel finish frames at a fraction of the original cost, like the Mars stool, starting at as little as £45. Cutting a slightly more sophisticated look than mirrored chrome, it’s immensely popular as it matches many modern kitchen appliances.


Cheap White Eclipse Stools at Kitchen Island

Eclipse Bar Stool White

Natural Look Without Spending the Earth

Due to popular demand, wood is also being introduced to our budget range. Whilst wooden models were traditionally more expensive due to the cost of solid wood, now you can choose from a variety polished finishes and grains, from walnut to oak, from as little as £37.50. These low-cost alternatives have very minimal differences from their solid counterparts, and are a real bargain when going for a more natural, rustic look.

Basing Your Decision on Budget

Typically our most expensive bar stools have square bases that are heavier and flatter to prevent them tipping. Our budget range boasts elegant fluted bases which are still sturdy and secure, but without the added cost. Upgrading our bases with thicker steel, we ensure they’re stronger than the UK government’s requirement to guarantee stability, whatever the style and shape.

Compact and cost effective, our budget range saves space as well as money. Many of our price savvy customers love our stylish replica models such as the Eames, similar in look to the original yet significantly lower in price. We also boast a variety of non-replica bar stools that are high style but low cost, infusing your home with that designer touch whilst ensuring you don’t blow your budget.

Free Next Day Delivery

Whether your budget is big or small, our range offers real value for money that can’t be beaten. With FREE next day delivery, rest assured that there are no hidden costs and your stools will be delivered safely. Read our customer feedback.

To get started, take a look at our favourite stools under £50.00 now:

Popular Cheap Bar Stools

Right, know your budget? Browse the hundreds of products in our cheaper range of bar stools and grab yourself a bargain today. Or, to see our entire fabulous range, simply click the button below. Happy shopping!


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