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The modern kitchen has evolved into a place for socialising as well as cooking, and so the kitchen bar has become integral to the contemporary home. The bar offers a trendy alternative to the humble dining table and transforms it into a place of leisure. Perfect for a chat with a friend or relative over a coffee, or during breakfast time with the children while getting prepared to start the day. Therefore, as the perfect associate to go alongside the breakfast bar are kitchen stools, such as the Nova Stool. Not only are they practical and comfortable but they are also ideal as they are stylish and modern, thus enhancing the overall sophistication of new-age designs.

Comet Bar Stool Clear

Worktop Height For Kitchen Stools

The one consideration you should have when looking at acquiring stools for your kitchen is the height requirement. Some kitchen breakfast bars are fixed at the average work surface height of 90cm that will be around the same height as your sink. Ninety nine percent of our kitchen stools are at the correct height for these work surfaces heights, and we have even had some of the higher stools especially made for us so that they will be suitable for standard work surface heights.

Examples of these such are the Vegas Kitchen stool remade as opposed to the Deluxe Casino and the Zizi as opposed to the High Zed to make sure they are exactly at the correct height for you.

To help with this height issue gas lifts are becoming very popular. They have a simple mechanism which allows you to adjust the height by lifting or depressing the lever. They usually vary in height from approx 55cm to 80cm. However we only recommend using the more expensive at there highest height as these stools are usually of a stronger and more stable nature and help with a lower centre of gravity.

Vegas Kitchen Stool

Higher Kitchen Stools

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a higher stool or breakfast bar stool as you may have a work surface at a higher height of 105cm, therefore you should look for a kitchen stool with a minimum height of 75cm. Stools that are suitable for this higher height will be the Narrow Back, Oberon, set of 2 Chrome, Mercury, Layla, Chrome with wooden seat, Arc, Deluxe Casino and the High Zed.

Not only do we offer various heights in our range of kitchen stools you are guaranteed to find one that will suit and complement your decor and work surface - whether it is a marble, granite, wooden or glass surface in your kitchen.

For a more in depth look at this topic we do have a complete bar stool sizing guide which takes you through the complete procedure for calculating the the right choice for you. Taking your through such topics as seat height, seat width and backrest height, seat depth and overall height, footrest width and the kitchen stools base diameter in a diagrammatic manor.