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Bulk Orders

Our Large Warehouse Facility That Stocks Bar Stools For Bulk Orders

Atlantic Shopping operates from three huge warehouse facilities, occupying an enormous area of over 120,000 sq ft. As a business we are firm believers in holding large amounts of stock so as to give our customers a fast and efficient first class service. Our current stock levels exceed 55,000 products - meaning you'll never be short of options, whether you require one product or 10,000.

What separates us from our competitors is the fact that we have our own design and manufacturing facility, giving us a completely unique position within the furnishings industry marketplace. This important distinction not only enables us to design our own products, but also means that we can source and produce any design you wish.

Due to our extensive stocks, logistical operation and 40 years of experience in the business, we are ideally set up to serve both the public and business clients looking for contract furniture alike. Our low costs and Free Next Day Delivery service mean we can provide our professional clients with any items at any time and at a competitive price. Whether you’re looking to furnish your home, a new bar, a chain of shops, a multinational company sales area or even a kitchen showroom, we will do everything we can to help you to achieve the best results.

We supply a number of high profile clients across a range of different sectors. Below, we’ve listed a number of industry areas we regularly work with. Of course, if you have any further questions or would like to speak to a member of our team, then you're welcome to contact us on 0121 230 1644 or 0845 520 0000 and one of our trained advisors will be more than happy to explain things further.


Bar Stools For The Exhibition Industry

Our exhibition furniture has proven highly popular with exhibition companies. We understand that the purpose of running an exhibition stand is to create an appealing and inviting sales area that will attract potential clients, and furniture plays an essential role in giving your business the right image. At a big event, it can be all too easy to blend into the crowd, which is why many professionals are drawn towards our brighter and more glossy designs. Such bar stools, dining chairs and tables will invite attention, in addition to providing a practical base for laptops and product displays, thereby helping your team to make a sale. Moreover, many of our exhibition bar stools and tables are height adjustable. This makes it easy to pack your items up at the end of the day in order to transfer them between venues.


Bar Stools Are Perfect For Kitchen Designers

Our extensive stocks and the sheer variety on offer accounts for our popularity with kitchen designers and showrooms alike. The size of our range means our furniture appeals to a wide range of tastes, from the traditional and conservative to the ultra modern. Moreover, our reasonable prices and Free Next Day Delivery service mean that we represent a fantastic affordable source. Our kitchen stools are specifically designed to stand at kitchen counter height and approximate dimensions are listed alongside every product, aiding designers in scaling and planning. Likewise, we are more than happy to work alongside fellow furniture retailers, as we believe this to be both productive and mutually beneficial for all parties involved.


Bar, Cafes And Restaurants Using Bar Stools As An Accent To Decor

Our bar furniture has been sourced by restaurateurs, cafe managers and bar owners for a number of years. Many of these products are crafted with commercial bar use in mind, meaning they stand at a higher height than their domestic counterparts. In addition to this, they tend to be highly durable, having been crafted with a selection of resilient, high-quality materials. These items can be height adjustable or fixed at a specific height. While the former allows your patrons to adjust items for increased comfort, the latter is adept in supporting those with a heavier frame. Alongside this, a number of our restaurant furniture items can be commissioned with bespoke designs. This enables us to help you create a trademark look for your establishment, and provides you with a unique edge over rival businesses.


TV And Media Industries Buy Bar Stools To Draw Audiences

Many of our commercial clients are based within the media, and our bar stools and dining chairs regularly feature on television shows. From sports coverage to reality TV and even soap operas, we have supplied programs of every kind. Production companies are often drawn towards our more funky designs, and tend to use our stools as accents to their set decor. In celebrity-themed shows, they come to us to find comfortable and sophisticated furniture that will allow their subjects to shine.


In A Retail Sales Area Or Shop Stylish Bar Stools Help To Secure Sales

We've developed a positive working relationship with a number of high profile clients who are looking to give their retail sales area a strong and distinguished look. Making sales is about making an impression, and that's precisely what our stylish furniture enables you to do. From corporate high street chains to independent boutiques, we are experienced in supplying clients with a multitude of different needs. Our Free Next Day Delivery enables us to quickly and efficiently fulfil larger orders and this is ideal for those looking to furnish outlets nationwide.


Transport Industry Bar Waiting Area

Our furniture is regularly sought after by key figures in the transport industry. The practical and efficient nature of many bar stools and contract chairs means they're ideally suited to such a dynamic and fast-moving sector. Whether you operate on wheels or wings, we are more than happy to talk you through the possibilities we can offer. Our products are particularly popular with airports, as their comfortable designs enable our clients' patrons to enjoy sky-high standards of customer service.


The Use Of Bar Stools In The Cosmetic Industry Helps To Promote Products

We regularly supply a number of leading companies within the cosmetic and fashion industry. Our contract bar stools have been sourced by some of the biggest names in the business and a great number of our products can be seen at leading high street store beauty counters. In the cosmetics industry, a strong look is key and we believe that this is something that should be reflected in your choice of furniture. Our use of high quality materials and emphasis on the on-trend means we're always able to provide our clients with furniture that's both fashionable and functional.


An Image Of Bar Stools Being Used In The Leisure Industry

We frequently supply companies within the leisure industry. From tourist hot spots to gymnasiums, golf clubs and even libraries, our selection of stools, chairs and tables can be relied on in order to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere. The purpose of a recreational setting is to create a space where people can come to simply enjoy themselves, and your furniture will do much to conjure a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Our emphasis on comfort means our commercial bar stools are effective in practical terms, while our one-of-a-kind designs are certain to pique interest, giving your business a distinctive image and ensuring that your patrons keep coming back for more.