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Bar stools are the essential for any modern breakfast bar or kitchen bar, providing superb functionality and style that is ample for any home. Breakfast bar stools come in a variety of designs, with a whole host of materials and colours available for choice.

Black is always a popular colour, working well with all others even as a contrasting colour. Black faux leather and black leather bar stools are the luxury choices for any home, whilst it is also available as ABS resin or Perspex with a gloss finish. Wooden stools are also available in black, having a lacquered satin surface that provides a classy touch. Black can be used in retro and traditional locations as well as with minimalist contemporary decor, providing classy, timeless designs.

Brown breakfast bar stools are perfect for when you need a rich, earthy colour that adds warmth and body. Again soft faux leather provides beautifully executed and durable items, and can be found in various shades from milk chocolate to dark chocolate browns. Walnut finish can also be considered as ‘brown’, although walnut items can vary from very dark wood to light and grainy, showcasing the character of the material. Other wooden finishes can also be classed as brown, although natural oak is much lighter whilst cognac has a distinctive reddish hue.

Cream is the perfect partner to brown, which is why several two-tone breakfast bar stools come in contrasting brown and white. Shades from light to dark cream are available, and it is a calming neutral tone that works well in modern kitchens, helping to keep the space light and airy whilst adding just enough colour to soften the overall feel. Thought of as a traditional retro colour, cream works superbly with wooden stools for their more rustic charm as well as funky egg-style chairs with ABS shells.

White is a minimalist colour like black that works with anything else, being paired with any number of alternate colours to great effect. White adds a sleek modern feel to any bar area and catches the eye, standing out from its surroundings with a clean, crisp look. White is also excellent for masking size as it makes large seats appear smaller.

Black, brown, cream and white are considered the ‘traditional’ colours for bar stools, but they only cover a small portion of the spectrum. Red and blue are both popular choices and have much more visual impact than those mentioned above, providing a superb splash of colour to any location. There are various shades of both; from pillar box red to deep red and from sky blue to navy so there is the perfect match for all.

Orange, yellow and green are vibrant, zesty colours perfect for a playful looking bar area. They catch the eye, brightening any room with their funky, fruity tones and look superb especially in a gloss ABS finish. These colours are also popular in Perspex, catching the light and washing the room in a coloured glow.