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Mimi Bar Stool Chrome Finish

Deluxe Duo Leather Brushed Stool Red

Replica Tolix Stool White

Chrome, Brushed Steel And Satin Bar Stools

As always, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and how best to keep our customers happy than with a huge variety? At Atlantic Shopping you will find the ever trendy chrome stools, sublime brushed steel stools and suave satin finish stools as well.

Chrome is our most popular and varied choice. All out chrome bar stools are made from steel and are then plated with chrome to give it that unmistakable lustre. Chrome is the standard for bar stools, with a brilliant mirror-reflect finish that works perfectly with any material, be that real leather or ABS. Chrome and bar stools go hand in hand, from the first bar stools that emerged in American diners decades ago to modern style icons from Italy.

Capable of matching well with any décor and modern fittings, be it a traditional wooden kitchen or a modern affair with white cupboards and black granite surfaces, a chrome bar stool creates a point of focus in a room and brings a crisp, clean look to any environment.

Brushed Steel Bar Stools

Brushed steel stools are just as they claim. The metal parts of the stool (the stem with the gas lift lever and footrest, the gas cylinder and the base) are made from steel and then are subsequently given the brushed pattern using tried and tested industry techniques. As a result, the surface finish is more buffed than chrome or stainless steel but has an interesting, almost wood like grain to it that catches light in various ways and draws the eye.

With more subdued tones than chrome, brushed steel is ideal for those who prefer an understated look to the visual impact that chrome provides, or for those who want that contemporary look that is in-keeping with modern trends. Brushed steel bar stools also have the advantage of matching with all those modern kitchen appliances like the fridge and oven, and keeps the look of the kitchen more uniform.

Satin Bar Stools

Satin finished bar stools use a completely different surfacing technique altogether: powder coating. In essence, the metal parts of the stool are sprayed with coloured powder that is then baked to give a tough, durable finish. The matt satin finish comes from the paint used and gives a seamless, fluid aesthetic. Satin finish frames have an ability to almost absorb light and thus do not interfere with the décor of the room whatsoever. They're ideal for people who do not want the reflective metallic nature of chrome, yet still desire a smooth continuous surface look.

Whether in chic monchromatic shades of black or white, or a bold bright colour, satin finish offers a sublime alternative to both of the above. Giving the stool a warm clean feel, it boasts an impressive presence that will never fail to turn heads.