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What Is a Breakfast Bar?

By Clemency Hitchings, 18th May, 2012

A staple of the modern home, the breakfast bar is a laid-back, informal space with a whole host of uses. First designed for eating breakfast around, today they have evolved into places for working, entertaining and simply relaxing, replacing the traditional dining table in some homes. As well making the kitchen into a more sociable space, it can help to solve one of the most common problems in the home: space. Cleverly designed units often incorporate handy hidden storage, as well as adding extra workspace to your kitchen.

Breakfast Stools at Worktop Height

And they come in a huge range of designs, too. With granite, marble, wood and glass tops to choose from, they provide fabulous focal points in lots of homes. Of course, the perfect bar deserves the perfect stools. To make your search even easier, we’ve created a specific category for breakfast bar stools on our website to match your requirements. We’ve also put together this handy guide to help you to choose the best stools for you.

To get started, why not have a look three of our most popular breakfast bar stools below:

What Height is a Breakfast Bar?

While bars come in lots of different styles and shapes, they generally stand at one of two heights. It’s important to choose a stool that’s the right size, allowing you to make the most of your space and keeping you comfortable. For help and advice, take a look at our bar stool buying guide.

1. Worktop Height

In most homes, the breakfast area is around 90cm tall, the same height as the kitchen work surfaces. We’ve made sure that all of our fixed height breakfast bar stools are just the right size for use with worktop height units. Plus, our versatile gas lift breakfast bar stools can be adjusted to suit a range of needs.

2. Elevated/ High

Units that are actually taller than the kitchen work surfaces are becoming more and more popular, often incorporating more unusual designs than standard height models. The different levels add visual interest, plus they often combine contrasting finishes such as wood and glass.

Padded Crescent Bar Stool at Elevated High Breakfast Bar

Padded Crescent Bar Stool White

What Shape is a Breakfast Bar?

Rectangular, square, rounded or circular, the shape of your bar will depend on the size, layout and design of your home. To keep your look coordinated, pick furniture that will compliment the shape of your bar.

1. Square and Rectangular Bars

The most common style of bar, these designs are similar in appearance to a table, lending a more traditional feel to the kitchen. Plus, they allow more stools to be used, perfect for big families or frequent entertainers. For an understated look, go for a simple model like the Lush Real Leather Brushed Stool. The square backrest and base of the Lush will compliment your angular kitchen, creating a fabulously harmonious aesthetic.

2. Curved Breakfast Bars

Bar areas with a curved edge offer a softer, more modern look. In this home, the rounded Bombo Stools compliment the rounded design of the kitchen. Plus, these backless models take up considerably less space than designs with a backrest; perfect for this compact dining area.

Black Bombo Bar Stools at Walnut Rounded Breakfast Bar

Bombo Bar Stool Black

3. Circular Dining Areas

Circular dining areas are attached to the end of a rectangular bar or island, allowing the rest of the unit to be used for storage, as well as creating a stunning focal point. Often, the dining area is formed of a contrasting material, like here, where a polished walnut block contrasts the pale marble work surface. To compliment the circular eating area, curved Alicia Walnut Bar Stools have been selected, in a walnut frame finish to match the contrasting wooden block.

Alicia Walnut Bar Stools at Circular Wooden Dining Area

Alicia Walnut Bar Stool Brown

Round or square, granite or wood, we’ve got a stool to suit every breakfast bar. If you have any questions about choosing the right design for your home, you can give us a call or pop into our showroom.


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