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Bar Stool Glossary Of Terms

Within the bar stools industry and throughout the site we use a number of terms and phrases to describe the various materials and functions of a bar stool. Below is a small glossary of terms explaining all the individual terms we use. After reading these and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 0121 230 1644 and our team will explain everything for you.

Faux Leather Bar Stools


Bar stools in faux leather are made from a synthetic material which has a leather grain. Faux leather is as soft and as durable as real leather, having the same look and feel, but is more stain resistant and less costly to produce. It is available in most colours as it is dyed, giving you a much larger choice than with real leather. Another bonus is that faux leather can be easily cleaned, even with detergents that would ruin real leather.

Real Leather Bar Stools


Real leather is genuine leather, a material made from cow hide and shows off a grain that many people find very desirable. It is well known for its use in luxury items and so makes a statement of quality and opulence. Real leather develops a distinct smell, often a telltale sign that people look for and enjoy. Real leather is very hard wearing, being a naturally occurring fibre, and makes very comfortable upholstery, though there are varying grades available, from the tough to the soft.

Real Bonded Leather


This type of leather is made by bonding loose leather fibres together to make a new material. Bonded leather has the look and feel of real leather; however it is a more cost effective option. Bonded leather conforms nicely to curved surfaces, and so is a popular material for intricately shaped furniture as well as smaller items such as diaries and cases for small electrical items.

ABS Plastic Bar Stools


ABS plastic in stools, is a plastic resin that is formed by injection mouldings, to the required shape. ABS is a durable hard wearing material. The advantage of ABS is that if can easily achieve great shapes, which can't be found in any other material. Another advantage is that it is very light, making ABS stools easy to move around.

Acrylic Perspex Bar Stools


Acrylic Perspex is a plastic that can be a substitute for glass, but is also used to make stool seats. It is strong and impact resistant, making it perfect for a bar environment. Acrylic Perspex is used for contemporary designs and comes in a range of colours, usually of a translucent nature.

Wooden Bar StoolsWooden Bar Stools


With wooden bar stools, wood can come in 2 forms; as an organic material made from trees, or as engineered wood which is made from recycled wood but is just as strong if not stronger. Wood can be used to make the stool frame, the seat, or both. There are solid wood stools as well as those with a wooden veneer bonded to a wooden ply sandwich. Wood veneer is a thin layer of real wood bonded to a body of usually engineered wood making the seat stronger . The layer of veneer often showcases interesting grain to enhance the beauty of the item it is being used on. Solid natural wood usually comes in the form of beech, which is a very strong wood but is easy to mould to shape, allowing, for example, the intricate shapes required on a stool frame.

Flame Retardant


All our bar stools are flame retardant. A flame retardant material is designed to not catch fire easily, offering increased resistance to, and even inhibiting, the spread of fire.

High Density Foam


This is a dense type of foam used for padding in seats. High density foam is firmer than other padding materials and stops you from hitting the frame of the seat when you are sat, as well as making it all the more comfortable, especially after extended periods of use.

Chrome Bar Stools


Chrome is an electroplated alloy of chromium; the steel parts are coated in a layer of chrome that makes it hard and durable, thus quite resistant to scratches. Although chrome is often used as a measure of flamboyance, it works well with furniture thanks to the distinctive mirror finish. This allows chrome to blend in well to its surroundings, acting like camouflage, and so it is perfect for any situation and any location.

Brushed Steel Bar Stools


In bar stools brushed steel is a process where stainless steel is "brushed" to give it the lined texture and a matt look that does not reflect as much light as chrome. The lines that can be seen on brushed steel stools are all done by hand, making "brushing" a much more laborious process than chrome plating. Many Kitchen Appliance manufactures use this material and hence it is becoming very popular with in the bar stool market so as to provide a matching finish with your kitchen.

Satin Painted Frames


Satin finish frames are steel frames which have been powder coated; they are sprayed with paint in the form of a powder and then baked, where the paint solidifies and hardens to give a uniform matt satin finish. Satin finishes absorb light, giving them a more muted look than chrome and brushed steel. This makes satin stools ideal in instances where you want the decor of the room to take precedence.

Gas Lift Bar Stools


A gas lift or hydraulic mechanism is a cylinder that houses compressed air, and allows you to adjust the height the stool. When the stool is unloaded and the lever that activates the gas lift is pressed, a valve opens to allow in air and the seat rises. If the lever is pressed when the stool is loaded with weight, air escapes through the valve and the seat lowers.

Fixed Height Bar Stools


A fixed height stool does not possess a gas lift and so cannot be raised or lowered. Fixed height stools can be found at varying heights; those at bar height, taller stools at commercial bar height, and low stools. Fixed height stools can include four legged stools as well as those with round bases.

Backless Bar Stools


Backless bar stools are those without a prominent backrest, though they may have a low raised lip at the rear of the seat for added security. These are also popular because you can easily stow them under the bar or counter area, giving more space to the room when not in use.

Bar Stools With A Backrest


These stools give you added support for your back with a backrest. These backrests can come in varying heights, from low backrest that support you lower lumbar region, to tall backrests that prop up your back higher up.

Bar Stools With Arms


Stools with arms have an armrest to either side for added support, giving you an ideal perch for your elbows. Stools with armrests tend to be the most comfortable designs that we sell as they help to make the seat much more relaxing. However, due to the added arms they do tend to be wider and hence occupy more room in your chosen area, an important factor to consider.

Bar Stools With Legs


These stools do not have a round or flat base but have a fixed frame, usually with four legs. Many of our more traditional designs come under this category. All our stools with legs have protection beneath to help ensure your floors remain scratch free.

Bar Stools With 360 Degree Swivel


360 degree swivelling stools allow the seat to rotate freely from the base, allowing you to turn to either side, making access to the seat at a bar table or bar counter all the easier.

Protective Base & Pads


A protective base can be found on round based bar stools and tables, where a rubber ring can be found on the underside of the base. This skirts the edge of the base and helps to protect your floors from any scratches. Protective pads are usually found on flat square bases, with one in each corner again to help stop any scuffs or scrapes to your floors.

Adjustable Height Footrest


Adjustable footrests are usually round footrests that are held to the central column on a bar stool by a tightening screw. This type of footrest can be moved up and down the column in relation to the seat so that people of all heights can reach it.

Bar Stools With Wheels


These bar stools come with a base that has nylon casters beneath, allowing for free movement across a flat floor. The wheels are very similar to those found on office chairs