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Throughout the ages, since the initial emergence of bar stools in American roadside diners, the chrome bar stool has been steadfast, remaining a classic in furniture design. It has a striking look unlike any other, with a smooth, polished finish that reflects its surroundings. This makes it a brilliant addition to any location, from the rustic countryside kitchen through to a sleek, glossy urban breakfast bar as it simply blends in, mirroring whatever decor is around it.

It also has a charm and elegance that makes it unique and timeless, with a popularity that will never wane. This is consolidated by the low maintenance nature, as it only needs a light dusting every so often to keep its lustrous sheen. It is also highly durable, tough and resistant to scratches, ensuring that it is resilient placed at even the most animated and lively of domestic kitchen islands.

In fact, most modern stools if not built on a wooden frame are crafted from stainless steel for strength and rigidity. They are then electroplated in a solution to give the distinctive finish, uniform and free from flaws.
Thanks to such desirable properties, the current range of chrome bar stools is expansive and covers an innumerable array of styles from the compact and chic to the large and luxurious. You can find faux leather and real leather upholstery on comfortable high density foam padded seats, alongside ergonomically moulded ABS resin and translucent acrylic Perspex. The number of hues and colours on show are amazing, from black and white for minimalist influence through to traditional brown and cream and even zesty lime green and orange for a burst of citrus flavour.

You can find tall backrests that provide excellent levels of support, or even user friendly backless bar stools that work superbly in smaller locations. Seat embellishments such as armrests and wooden panels give even more visual impact, with trendy footrest designs found below, crescent, T-bar, oblong and even cascade footrests hand worked into their sinuous shapes before mounting to the stool framework.

Gas lift chrome stools are the most sought after design due to the variable height and 360 degree rotation they provide, but four legged bar stools remain ever fashionable, coming with integrated floor guards at the end of each leg to help keep scuffs and scrapes at bay. There are also box frame, Z-style and cantilever designs, expertly fashioned and welded from square and tubular steel sections into prominent profiles that add a focal point to any room. These are all fixed height options and have seats designed for use at bar tables and standard kitchen worktops, which are around 90cm high. You can, however, find specialist commercial height stools that are 10cm taller. These are made for commercial bars and can also be used with poseur tables, which were initially only meant to be stood at.

View our range of polished chrome bar stools appealing to all and covering every base from functionality to stylishness, cementing their place as the archetype they have become.