If there’s an industry where looks matter, it’s the nightclub industry. When furnishing a club, it’s important to choose designs that unite style and strength. Your choice of bar stools, tables and chairs will create the right ambience, and determine the clientele your establishment attracts. From low stools to bar tables, our extensive stock enables us to provide you with all your business needs to project a unique identity and keep your patrons coming back.

  • Commercial Bar Stools

    Perfect in the bar area and beyond, strong commercial bar stools are essential for any good nightclub.

  • Low Stools

    Mix and match low stools throughout your club to give your patrons somewhere to relax after dancing all night!

  • Dining Chairs

    Using dining chairs in a nightclub can create a sense of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of the dance floor.

  • Bar Tables

    A range of stylish bar and poseur tables. Place alongside a classic bar area for a cool, contemporary edge.

  • Dining Tables

    The right tables will create a feeling of sophistication, as well as adding a stylish visual focal point.

  • Funky Chairs

    From classic tub chairs to retro Eames style designs, our funky chairs add a touch of something special.

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The furniture you select helps to establish the standard to which your patrons may adhere and can be hugely influential in determining the kind of clientele your establishment attracts. If your patrons aren’t impressed by the décor they may choose to leave your club in favour of a rival business, which is why making the right impression is absolutely crucial.


Nightclub Furniture Inspiration

Naturally, a key requirement of nightclub furniture is that it’s sufficiently durable so as to withstand the rigours of the club environment. It’s essential that it’s exceptionally strong, hardwearing and stain-resilient, which is why we’re proud to offer items that are not only stable, but also intelligently designed with a number of scenarios in mind.

For example, we understand that nightclub patrons spend much of their time dancing, which is why seating areas are commonly equipped with comfortable furniture. Low stools have emerged as a particularly common staple of sitting areas. While spillages can wreak havoc on a sofa, many low stools are sufficiently compact and easy to wipe in the event of accidents. On a similar note, low stools can help to create a distinctive look. Because they tend to be purchased in generous quantities, they can be scattered about a place in order to offer a fun and relaxed vibe. Alternatively, one of our funky chairs will provide your establishment with a fashionable focal point.

Moreover, many upmarket nightclubs offer a VIP area, differing from the rest of the establishment in style and tone. In fact, the very concept of a VIP area denotes elite status; so naturally, the surroundings should perpetuate a sense of superiority. With VIP areas, clients frequently favour the likes of our real leather bar stools. Often, patrons pay high prices for entry, so it’s important to reward them with an experience that doesn't merely differ from the norm, but tangibly surpasses it.

Our nightclub furniture has been designed with the express intention of enhancing your business' potential. If you’re interested in placing an order or would like to know more, our customer support is on hand, so don’t hesitate to browse our site and contact us.


Popular Designs

  • Padded Crescent

    Our classic Crescent Stool is ideal for clubs. Plus, choose from ten vibrant colours!

  • Vetro

    A must-have for any nightclub, the Vetro comes in a chic clear glass finish.

  • Clementine

    In a huge range of stylish colours, the Clementine is perfect for low tables.

  • Vision

    Lend any club a contemporary edge with the Vision - a compact fixed height stool.