Furnishing a golf club? Our vast range of commercial bar stools, dining chairs and low stools are ideally suited for use in the clubhouse and beyond. Traditionally, golf clubs boast a rustic theme. Much of their success stems from the respite they offer from city life, so it’s worth paying attention to the details in order to capture the “country club” look. Or, if you prefer a more modern look, our range of options means we have something for you too.

  • Commercial Bar Stools

    From classic oak to lavish leather, commercial bar stools to allow golfers to enjoy post-victory celebrations in comfort.

  • Low Stools

    Why not try low stools in the changing rooms? They work particularly well slotted into corners and small spaces.

  • Dining Chairs

    A great golf club deserves an impressive restaurant. Add grandeur to meal times with the right dining chairs.

  • Bar Tables

    Bar tables create a hub for conversation and celebration perfect for both casual drinks and business meetings.

  • Dining Tables

    Create a traditional and truly authentic clubhouse look with our winning range of stylish dining tables.

  • Funky Chairs

    Looking to give your club a unique twist? Try our funky chairs. Striking and comfy, they’re built for winners.

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The best golf clubs unite personal and professional affairs, so it pays to choose furniture that reflects this. You can achieve this effect by selecting items that veer towards the ornate, while remaining practical. Golf clubs are famous for attracting a respectable clientele, typically on a members-only basis. Good furniture will help to direct interest towards your establishment over that of the competition, so it certainly pays to invest wisely.

Golf Club Furniture Inspiration

While golfing is primarily recreational, it’s frequently used as an opportunity to develop existing professional relationships. As such, it’s important to maintain a polished veneer at all times, and the furniture you choose can play an important role in maintaining this theme.

The most popular golf clubs offer so much more than a simple game of golf, often comprising an elaborate complex with a number of different facilities, including an on-site bar, restaurant and perhaps even a pool. Often, members use the golf club as a base for anything from social breakfasts to business meetings. These studious affairs tend to take place over drawn out meals, so in order to maximize the quality of your patrons’ experience, be sure to choose the right dining chairs for your on-site restaurant. Notably, golf clubs commonly attract an older clientele, which is why you may prefer to use armchairs and upholstered pieces with a traditional look and generous back support.

The look of the bar area is similarly important, and makes the ideal spot for indulging in a post-golfing beverage. Our commercial bar stools are available in a wide range of designs; with our genuine leather and wooden bar stools proving especially popular.

Low stools can also be trusted to stylishly populate the complex, proudly taking their place everywhere from the bar area to the changing rooms. Compact and useful, they offer a quick and easy perch and help to perpetuate a sense of casual elegance and simplicity.

Choosing the ideal golf club furniture can be a challenge, as it requires an understanding of your patrons’ needs as well as a keen sense of style and occasion. With our large range of traditional furniture and more, it’s never been easier to create the perfect look for your establishment.

Popular Designs

  • Drift

    In natural oak, the Drift lends a refined yet modern touch to any space.

  • Grafton

    The classic Grafton chair is perfect for the gold club, with supportive arms.

  • Carlo

    From the club bar to the restaurant, the classic Carlo chair is perfectly versatile.

  • Tetbury

    Place the stylish Tetbury stool in your golf club for a comfy yet refined bar area.