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Mimi Chrome Stool Red

Jupiter Bar Stool

Why Use Faux Leather In Bar Stools

Whilst browsing through our website, you have possibly noticed that the bulk of our stools are faux leather bar stools, and you may enquire as to why it is so? We use faux leather because it is a synthetic material and so the exterior has a more regular surface and comes without the creases and blotches you can get with actual leather. It can also be more easily dyed, giving a real diversity with a host of colours to choose from as seen in the Lush Chrome Stool Blue.

Faux Leather Is Resilient

Faux leather is a resilient material that copes well in tough environments. It is less prone to scratching than many other materials, making it a great alternative to real leather bar stools. It is perfect for a bar, café or kitchen area as it is resistant to heat and moisture, doesn't stain, and can be simply wiped clean if anything is spilt on it. Faux leather is also a lot less susceptible to chemical cleaning agents than real leather, as found in the Lattice Bar Stool.

Faux Leather is Comfortable

The techniques employed to make faux leather these days are so advanced that many people can be hard pushed to tell the difference between faux leather and real leather. Modern faux leather are often a lot softer to the touch than real leather and make for extremely comfortable items of furniture as seen in the Pluto Bar Stool.

Helps To Reduce The Price

Being easier to produce, using faux leather instead of real leather keeps the cost of producing our bar stools down which in turn means that costs for you, the customer are also kept as low as possible which is all-important to us at Atlantic Shopping and allows us to have such bargains as the Style Bar Stool Brown