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When it comes to our furniture, we're proud of both the diversity of our range and the prevalence of unique bar stools. Often suited to the more adventurous shopper, they're frequently introduced to bar areas in order to add tone and character. Naturally, the word 'unique' carries a number of connotations and can refer to either the design itself, or its exclusivity to Atlantic Shopping. Either way, one thing's for certain: kitchen stools are most certainly the way to go.

Lush Chrome Stool Red

Metalwork can play a significant role in distinguishing the extraordinary from the ordinary, with the footrest proving particularly important in this respect. Often overlooked in the quest for a distinctive stool, the footrest can be styled in a number of ways. Round and semi-circular designs can cut through clean lines and bring a softness to modern interiors, while sharper, angular varieties possess all the panache of somebody who really means business. Similarly, the type of finish you plump for is absolutely key. Despite their indisputable allure, brushed steel bar stools are rare, which is why we pride ourselves on being one of the few retailers of this enchanting finish. Made to match your fittings and appliances, it effuses pure sophistication.

The seat plays a similarly key role in determining the distinctiveness of your bar stools. Situated at eye-level, it's naturally the first thing to capture the attention. By selecting items with a unique colour, such as green bar stools, you can totally transform the look of your abode, so don't be afraid to go for gold by being bold. The Designer Bar Stool is particularly notable for its seat, which is divided into three ergonomically curved components for a memorable and eye catching aesthetic. Alternatively, our transparent bar stools effuse unmatched allure.

Of course, the appeal of unique bar furniture is not limited merely to looks. Infact, arguably it's the features of a given stool that play the largest part in determining its uniqueness of lack thereof. The Encore Brushed Steel Stool is an excellent example of an item which differs from the rest when it comes to functionality.

Oracle Brushed Steel Stool Black

Indeed, although it's fixed at bar height, this smart stool can rotate 360 degrees. However, that's not the item's only distinguishing feature. Indeed, the Encore is supported by a cleverly concealed mechanism to ensure that it will return to its original position upon dismounting, ensuring seamless alignment and an impossibly neat bar area.

Regardless of what you're looking for, it's worth considering something distinct for your home. Unique furniture can really help you to make a statement and is certain to conjure fascinating chatter between you, your friends and guests. Whether you fancy something outlandish or understated, a huge variety of options abound, with each one differing from the last. Introduce a couple of unique bar stools to your home and we can guarantee that you will not regret it.

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