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FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener

FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener

Tormaline Used in FHI Straighteners

One of the great things about hair products is that they keep evolving and getting better. This is very true of straightening irons, advanced technology has introduced us to the wonders of Tourmaline plates. Tourmaline has been used in water filters for many years, but it is only in recent years that the benefits of this precious stone have been harnessed for the hair industry.

FHI Hair Straighteners

You might be wondering how a precious crystal ordinarily used in making jewellery could end up on your FHI Hair Straighteners, being hailed as the worlds genius cure to fight the frizz. It does seem a little obscure we would all agree, so why is it used? The process starts with the crystal version of Tourmaline, this is ground into a fine powder and then infused onto the ceramic plates. Tourmaline possesses the rare ability to generate negative ions and far infrared rays (FIR). This, as science has proven, when used in conjunction with straightening products proves extremely effective.

FHI Straighteners

The FIR ensures that the moisture is locked into the hair while at the same time removing any static which causes the hair to frizz and become fly away. The concentration of these negative ions being so high makes the intensity of the straightening process dramatically advanced, thus the time it takes to straighten your hair is halved and your hair feels so much softer and appears shinier.

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