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Kitchen stools come in a whole host of different styles, from the traditional to the modern and ensuring that there is a design that works for you. The ideal accompaniment to any kitchen bar or breakfast bar, kitchen stools are perfect when placed at a kitchen bar counter or at a bar table, bringing both style and substance.

Blade Bar Stool Walnut

Traditional wooden kitchen stools such at the St Louis stool are constructed from wood, available in a number of finishes from oak and cognac to black and walnut. Many of these so called bentwood stools are crafted using techniques pioneered in the 1900's, making them artful masterpieces that add character to any environment. The wooden construction adds a natural touch whilst four legs ensure stability on any type of flooring.

Kitchen stools with legs can also come with metal frames, crafted from steel for strength. These designs, such as the Pacino stool, have chrome plated metalwork for a durable, mirror finish or contemporary brushed stainless steel such as with the Cube brushed steel stool. These metal stools can also come with fixed frames such as the Eden brushed steel stool and the Zizi kitchen stool, which do not have legs but ensure stability with sturdy bases.

The majority of kitchen stools, however, come with a gas lift mechanism. These have superb functionality; the gas lift kitchen stools allows you vary the height of the seat whilst also being able to turn through 360 degrees. This allows you to tailor the stool to your needs, raising it for young children or lowering it to stow under a counter or shelf. It also makes access to the seat much easier at any bar, swivelling to the side and allowing you to sit down. Although these stools share similar mechanicals, with protective bases and hand fashioned footrests, the seats themselves come in a medley of designs that give each their individual styles and character.

High end designer kitchen stools such as the Lush are copiously padded with high density foam and real leather or faux leather upholstery, whilst others such as the Ego are striking in any location. Whether authentic or synthetic, leather kitchen stools are undeniably popular.

Pluto Bar Stool Red

Some are undeniably eye catching, like the profile bar stool with a sinuous, curving faux leather or wooden seat, whilst others are designed to be compact and unassuming like the Lulu bar stool.

Faux leather is a brilliant choice for use on these bar stools, working well in the stressful, high impact environment of the kitchen. It is hard wearing, stain resistant and copes well with a range of chemicals, but it is not the only material on offer. Moulded ABS resin is extremely durable and provides ergonomically styled seats such as the Crescent in a whole host of colours and both gloss and matt finishes, from minimalist black and white to funky green and vibrant orange. Acrylic Perspex adds a futuristic look with dyed, translucent seats ideal for smaller rooms; keeping the look light and airy but bathing their surroundings in colour when light is shone through them. Whatever kind of kitchen furniture you're after, we guarantee you'll be impressed.

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