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Dining Chairs To Match Your Table

It may be you already have a table and are after some chairs to match. Or perhaps you’re looking for both, but want more flexibility than a set offers. If putting together your own combination, we hope this handy article will help guide you in what to look for when pairing the two.

Why is it important that they match? When done correctly, complementary furniture exudes a harmonious look that can enhance its surroundings and bring a room to life. Conversely, clashing styles or conflicting finishes can be distracting and off-putting.

Complementary Style

First and foremost, you should match your furniture to the overall look of the room as whole. Once you’ve established the style, you should then choose a table and chairs with corresponding appearance. For example pair modern with modern, and traditional with traditional.

The Camden and Eames Style Wooden Chair, featured below, is a great example of a successful match. Both exhibit trendy Scandinavian style, with light oak frames, sleek satin white surfaces and a simple practical aesthetic. Whilst Eames is undeniably retro, its recent revival across interior design trends has given it a thoroughly modern makeover that balances the cool contemporary appeal of the Camden beautifully.

Dining Chair & Table With Complementary Style Camden Dining Table Oak & White Eames Style Wooden Chair & Satin White

Conversely, the Alaska paired with the Carlo is an unsuccessful combination due to the dramatic difference in style. Whilst the dark wood and ornate shape of the Carlo displays a classical aesthetic, the Alaska is a modern model with light and airy vibe. Whilst both are stylish designs, they’re incompatible when placed together.

Mismatched Dining Table & Chair Alaska Round Glass Table Clear Carlo Walnut Chair Brown Leather

Matching Frame Finish

For a visually pleasing and unified look, we would also recommend you select the same material or finish across your furniture, as well as in your interior as a whole. For example, choose similar shades of wood; oak kitchen cabinets with oak chairs, and likewise walnut cupboards with a walnut table. The same is true with metallic surfaces; pair brushed steel appliances with brushed steel chair frames, and chrome kitchen fittings with chrome framed furniture.

This is modelled by the Helsinki and Mica, pictured below, a delightful duo that work well together due to their elegant brushed steel frames. With similar tubular legs, they enhance one another for a compatible and contemporary look.

Matching Frame Finish On Chair & Table Small Helsinki Glass Table Mica Brushed Dining Chair Black

On the other hand, the dissimilar shades of wood in the Dalton and Aspire mean combined they will clash. The Aspire’s walnut finish is too dark and rich for the Dalton’s lighter shade of oak, and hence they can look somewhat imbalanced when placed together.

Frame Finishes That Do Not Match Dalton Dining Table Oak  Aspire Dining Chair Walnut and Black

For a cool coordinated aesthetic, where possible you should also look to match the colour and seat material of your chosen chair with the colour and surface finish of your table-top.

A perfect pairing would be the Marina and the Rush Oak & White due to their corresponding white satin seat and table-top finish. However, if you would prefer a padded option then another wooden framed model with a white fabric or leather seat would also be a good fit, such as the Ivy Oak & White.

Matching Top Finishes On Table & Chair Marina Square Dining Table Rush Oak and White Dining Chair

Similar Shape

Corresponding shape is another factor to bear in mind when looking for a uniform and consistent looking interior. Round pedestal or central column tables will enhance tubular central column chairs, and vice versa conventional square or rectangular four-legged tables are ideal with four-legged chairs.

A prime example is the Becky and Macy. Both are supported by smooth cylindrical single stems which, when paired together, produces a magnificently modern aesthetic.

Dining Chair & Table With Complementary Shape Becky 100cm Clear Cafe Table Macy Stool Chair Grey

In contrast, whilst the Ambrose and the Sofi, seen below, both have wooden frames, they will clash slightly due to their dissimilar forms. Not only does the Ambrose possess a circular table-top, but the curved tubular legs are stylishly slimline which lend a lighter and more modern look. Conversely, the conventional four legs of the Sofi are more generous in width and give a visually heavier and more substantial presence. Used together, they could create a rather asymmetrical appearance.

Table & Chair That Are Incompatible In Shape Ambrose Wooden Dining Table Sofi Chair Black Fabric

Understand the basic principles? Why not browse our vast array of dining tables and dining chairs, then mix and match at your leisure.