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FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener

Futura Standard Hair Straightener

FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener

Futura Supter Ceramic Hair Straightener

Straightening Secrets

When you straighten your hair there is a few tricks of the trade that it is worth bearing in mind. If you have very curly hair a good way to ensure that it stays straight after blow drying and straightening is to part it on the side, the extra weight will hold in the straightness and keep it from getting puffy and frizzy by the end of the day.

If you want really sleek, smooth and straight hair, the best hair driers to use is one that has a wattage of between 1500 and 1800, anything less than this allows your hairs cuticles to curl up while you are blow-drying. Also don't try and blow-dry sections of hair that are more than an inch thick, the hot air will not be able to pass through, opt for small sections and make sure to dry each section thoroughly before moving on.

Another tip to bear in mind when choosing styling products is to look at the ingredients, if water is one of the first five ingredients then steer clear. Water based products will add moisture to the hair and encourage it to curl up again.

How To Get The Best Results

Before you start the straightening process you need to take good care of your hair and treat it properly to get the best results. To prepare your hair for the best possible sleek look begin with a rich shampoo that contains strong moisturising ingredients, follow with a deep nourishing and strengthening conditioner, leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 5 minutes to allow the moisture to be locked deep into the hair shaft. Use a leave in conditioner on the damp hair and add some serum to the ends to protect the more delicate parts. Always use a good quality pair of straightening irons that have been designed to protect your hair and lock in the moisture, The Futura Standard Hair Straightener have wide plates and come with an inbuilt comb that make the sweep of straightening very easy and gentle on the hair. If you follow this process the high heat use will not damage your hair and leave it looking fried if you pay good attention to the constant care and upkeep of the condition of your Manual Straightening or Chemical

The chemical straightening process started to soar after its introduction in the Eighties, people were throwing away their straightening irons and booking into salons in their droves to get this apparent magical treatment.

The Chemicals Which Are Used

The idea if having a one off chemical treatment to straighten your hair permanently may initially sound highly appealing. However as the years have passed the popularity of chemical straightening has dramatically decreased. The chemical process involves applying strong chemicals, usually sodium or some other hydroxide mixture directly onto the hair shaft. One chemical breaks down the keratin protein bonds in the hair, which changes it's structure, the other sets the altered bonds, leaving the hair straight.

The Side Effects Of Chemicals

Although after the process the hair remained straight until re growth, with time it became increasingly evident that there were some unfortunate side effects. People were complaining of bad hair breakage, thinning, lack of hair growth, hair loss, scalp irritation and scalp damage and due to the process being permanent there was no reversing these effects.

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