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For those who are after unparalleled comfort, padded bar stools are a clear cut choice. Utilising the very best in modern technology and top of the range materials, seat cushioning has become something of an art form. Sculpted to perfection, modern foam is available in a huge array of shapes, sizes and densities that cater to your every need. There are countless variations when it comes to our products, so it's good to keep in mind the styles and levels of comfort that would suit you.

Lush Chrome Stool Using Combination Foam

We can categorise ourselves into 3 brackets: those who prioritise look, those who favour comfort, and those who want the best of both. Everyone has their own preference, and when choosing your bar stools it’s important you get the right amount of padding to fit your needs.High Density Foam If the foam is overly firm, the seat will feel hard and uncomfortable; however if too soft the seat will have too much give, not enough support and you will feel the underlying frame. Therefore it’s crucial to get the balance right.


Types Of Padding Used

What you spend will inevitably determine the type of padding used and consequently the quality of support given. Like most things in life, as the price increases so does the quality, with the type of foam used becoming more dense and supportive. Our products are always designed with your comfort in mind and the high-density foam we use is a premium material with a close-knit cell structure, which holds its shape wonderfully. Take a look at these top selling padded stools, constant in their ergonomic seats yet featuring a range of different prices, all of which have been designed for comfort.

Top Selling Padded Stool Designs Mint Bar Stool Cream Padded Crescent Bar Stool Ramsay Walnut & Leather Stool Mimi Bar Stool White Addison Bar Stool

Combination Foam


Combination padding, as seen to the left, is a revolutionary sandwich design of different types of foam, tried and tested for optimum comfort. A substantial high density base layer is topped by softer more pliant foam, with a further layer of felt attached to the back of the seat material to ensure a smooth, even finish. A great example is Lush, enticing you to sit for extended periods.

Sprung & Belted Seat Design

For matchless cushioning, look no further than our top of the range sprung and belted models. Fusing traditional wooden designs with ergonomically padded leather seats, these traditional designs bridge beauty and comfort. A modern twist on a timeless wooden classic, the Magna encompasses your body with its armchair like style. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that sprung and belted bar stools are only available at fixed height with four legs, due to the nature of the sprung mechanism in the seat which cannot be attached to a single column design.

Alternatively, the Romeo is a modern ABS design makes use of a slim foam seat pad for added comfort. Considerably more comfortable than simply being sat on solid wood or ABS plastic, it’s a stylish model that will not disappoint.

Seats With Or Without Backs

Otis Walnut Bar Stool Without Backrest

If you’re looking for a stool that’s a comfortable perch but not overly cumbersome, why not consider one of our popular padded backless stools. The Otis is a prime example of a smaller model that’s compact enough to easily tidy away when not in use, allowing for more space in your kitchen. With copious padding on a rectangular puff seat, it ensures perfect posterior support with little fuss. Alternatively, for those who prefer a more leisurely dining style with the option of leaning back, designs like the Deluxe High Back are ideal. With a cushioned backrest they provide a sumptuous seating experience, ensuring optimum support for all sections of your back.

The advantages of choosing a padded stool for your home over a non-padded model are very high. Covered in soft material, our faux leather bar stools invite you to sink into the seat, gently curving around your shape and holding you snug. Whether it’s at breakfast, lunch or dinner, a cushioned stool is guaranteed to easy away those aches, rest your feet and turn your kitchen into a retreat that you will most definitely look forward to returning to.