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Columbia Office Chair

Princeton High Back Office Chair

Office Chair Features

Office chairs have a variety of features that make them ideal for the office environment. The most fundamental of these is the foam padding that makes up the body of the seat, ensuring that the chair is very comfortable when sitting at a desk for long periods of time. A tall backrest is common on office chairs, ensuring good support for the entire back. Some office chairs also come with separate headrests, making them even more supportive and relaxing by taking the strain off the neck and shoulders.

With Or Without Castors

Office chairs come in one of two guises, with casters or with a fixed frame. Those with casters usually come with large, spoked bases to distribute weight, ensure stability and ease of movement. In situations where you do not need to move the chair, fixed frame office chairs are ideal, and also offer some light damping to add to the comfort. They are also good for carpeted surfaces, which casters can make threadbare. One advantage that office chairs with casters have over fixed frame variants is the gas lift mechanism that connects the base to the seat. This gives the chair adjustable height and allows for 360 degree rotation, making it more mobile. These chairs also usually come with pre-tensioned springs that allow the seat to recline.

Types Of Armrests

Armrests come in a variety of forms. Basic armrests can be metal or plastic, and are made to give support for your arms. Padded armrests further enhance this by adding the comfort of foam cushioning. Adjustable armrests allow you to tailor the chair to your personal requirements, raising them for added support or lowering them to give more elbow room. There are also office chairs that have swivelling armrests, which rotate out of the way for added space or for sliding it under a desk more easily.

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