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When it comes to making the best of our bar areas, an understanding of colour is crucial. While it goes without saying that bright colours catch eyes and binaries are evocative, neutral bar stools are rather more elusive. Often overlooked on the colour wheel, they provide a muted solution to a whole host of design challenges. As a result, their popularity has soared in unison with the growth of today's bar stool market.

Nero Brushed Steel Contemporary Kitchen Stool Grey

Neutral bar stools are perfect for lending depth and texture to a setting without detracting from the overall tone. Sufficiently adaptable so as to blend in with any environment, they make a stylish statement without being bold or showy. As a result, these stools represent a savvy investment if you're buying prior to completing work on your home.

Grey bar stools make for the perfect contemporary choice. Complementing every colour - including their own - with ease, they offer a beautiful foil to bolder colours while keeping a solid grip of their own identity. Infact, by combining shades of grey you can create sensory depth and the illusion of texture. Positing themselves as veritable all-rounders, grey bar stools offer a credible alternative to traditional stools without appearing bland.

What's more, by plumping for a set of these, you'll effectively be investing in items which will retain a fashionable look even after a period of time. Classy and understated, these seamless kitchen stools simply blend into your surroundings, ensuring that your rooms retain their natural visual balance through the years. Of course, if you are seeking something with a slight edge then smoked stools are the way to go. Alluring in their opacity, they exude pure intrigue. Infact, their invariably translucent nature merely adds to their neutral charms, enabling them to impress with minimal fuss.

Another common misconception surrounding neutral furniture is the idea that it has to be drab. Used wisely and in moderation, light colours possess neutralising qualities.

Deluxe High Back Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

Studies have proven that pastel pinks impart a calming effect. Light blue bar stools, by contrast, can yield stimulatory results. Combine the two and you'll bring a new dynamic to your breakfast bar, both aesthetically and emotionally.

A final advantage of neutral bar stools lies in the fact that they enable you to select designs you might not otherwise go for. An unorthodox design in a neutral colour will merely pique interest, where the same item in a bolder shade could cause a stir. This allows you to give your room a real edge, and potentially slip a few ideas past a discerning partner!

The ever-expanding nature of bar furniture means that it continues to defy expectations, which is why it pays to choose your models wisely. Bar stools are only getting better, so hop on board and explore the allure of neutral bar stools for yourself.

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