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Metal Dining Chairs

If you’re looking to update your current dining furniture, we have an expansive collection of fantastic products for you to choose from. Distinguished by their ultra-modern look, metal dining chairs allow a vast array of styles and shapes that are not possible with other more traditional materials. With an enhanced range of trendy features they boast boundless benefits, delivering form as well as function.

Melton Dining Chair

Signature Strength

Renowned for their trademark toughness, metal frames are notably durable. Whatever finish is employed, their core strength makes them remarkably solid and hardwearing. Whilst they may show sticky fingerprints, their low maintenance surface means these can easily be wiped off with a cloth. Joints can be either welded or bolted, both of which are characteristically robust. The majority of our dining chairs have a welded frame as this proves to be stronger, and increases their durability over time, an excellent example is Melton seen opposite.

Due to the harsher nature of metal, most designs have rubber protective floor plugs or felt pads that sit on the underside of the legs. Out of sight, these help to protect whatever surface they’re placed on by reducing the chance of scratches and marks. To keep damage to a minimum we suggest that when moving chairs around, you pick them up instead of dragging them. For additional versatility, the Karma boasts ball and socket feet delivering an extra stable foundation. Ideal for uneven surfaces, they adapt to whatever flooring they’re placed on.

Chic Look

Radar Dining Chair

Our renowned collection boasts three metallic frame types. With a glossy appearance that reflects its surroundings, mirrored chrome projects a futuristic sheen and polished luminosity. Nevertheless it can also lend a retro look or vintage diner vibe, as seento the left in the Radar. Brushed steel is a beautiful matte alternative that has been hand-worked to produce its signature chic surface. More muted than lustrous chrome, it matches many modern kitchen appliances for a sleek uniform look. The third type is powder coating for a silky satin finish, utilised in popular designs such as the Breeze in classic black.

Jazz Dining Chair With A Metal Frame Covered In Faux Leather

Fabulously versatile, metal framed dining chairs will compliment a broad spectrum of seat materials. For a designer look, why not opt for a chic black leather with a brushed steel frame, both immensely fashionable materials that are constantly sought after. Or if you’re after something minimalistic, choose a mirrored chrome frame with sleek white plastic or a clear acrylic Perspex. Working in harmony together, these create a visually space saving aesthetic. Or for something a little different, check out the Jazz, seen opposite – its frame is completely upholstered in faux leather.

Striking Shapes

Evelyn Dining Chair With Base & Gas Lift

Marvellously malleable, metal makes a variety of fantastic frame shapes possible. Central column designs deliver a host of stylish attributes that are not to be missed. Many include a state-of-the-art gas lift mechanism and 360 degree swivel, similar to that used office chairs. Allowing you to easily alter the height and position to your individual needs, these offer optimum accessibility and are great for diners of varying heights, such as children, as seen in the Evelyn opposite.

Candy Dining Chair

Conversely, you may wish to go for a fixed height model. Whilst somewhat simpler than their single stem counterparts, their vast array of eye-catching shapes make them by no means a second rate choice. Four-legged designs, whilst traditional in shape, can offer a cool contemporary look. Some have four separate legs bolted to the seat, whereas the legs on the Candy, seen to the left are made up of just two pieces of metal which are curved beneath the seat to form a four-legged base.

Mica Brushed Steel Cantilever Chair

For a striking silhouette, ultra-modern cantilever frames are a firm favourite, with minimalist designs like the Mica perfect for creating that cool, contemporary kitchen or dining space. Alternatively, the Panache boasts a square box frame for an exceedingly stable base. Instantly recognisable the DSR Eames range, as pictured, displays iconic metallic webbing for a eye-catching geometric flair.

Dash Dining Chair

Metal legs are typically hollow, their lightweight nature meaning you can move the chairs around with relative ease. They also come in a variety of shapes ranging from cylindrical and tubular, as seen in the Hugo, to square or rectangular, exhibited by the Dash opposite. They can also gracefully taper to the floor for an elegant touch. Furthermore, whilst you may only see the frame of the legs, it is in fact present beneath the seat and backrest upholstery, giving the chair its signature shape.

Whether you’re after a chic contemporary design or a funky retro model, our trendy dining chairs provide a broad spectrum of option