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Futura Standard Hair Straightener

FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener

Futura Clic Ceramic Hair Straightener

Easy, Effective Hair Straightening

When it comes to straightening hair people often get it wrong and end up with a mop of hair sporting straight parts, frizzy bits, occasional waves and of course the old time visible indents where the irons have clamped too hard to the hair strands. The method for achieving perfect straight lengths is actually very simple and it does not damage your hair, instead it gives you a sleek show biz look in no time at all.

Stage 1

Firstly shampoo and condition your hair as normal, then using your palms apply a small amount of serum to the damp hair focusing more on the ends as they are the most fragile. Serum is good to use when straightening as it protects the hair from the heat and holds the moisture in. If you have longer hair you will need to use more so it coats the strand fully.

Stage 2

Next, using a paddle brush and hair dryer start drying your hair, set the hair drier at a medium setting and brush your hair as you dry, this encourages straightness. If you have medium or long hair choose a wider pair of straightening irons like the Futura Standard Staightener, this will immediately give you a head start. Using clips to separate the hair, starting with the underneath layers get small sections of hair and run the straightening irons from the root with a swift sweeping movement down the hair strand and off the ends. Make sure you keep the movement smooth and constant and always go off the ends gently as this helps stop split ends. On larger sections or coarser hair you may need to repeat this run 2-3 times. Once all the underneath sections are straight do the same thing with the top sections, you can take larger amounts of hair with the top sections as it is stronger.

Stage 3

When all the sections have been straightened run the straighteners over of all of your hair combined to blend the layers and make sure there is no separation between the sections. Finally finger through a touch more serum smoothing it from root to tip and finish with some hairspray that will hold your style all day.

Please use these instructions as a rough guide only.*

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