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When browsing through the different styles of dining chairs on offer, you'll find that there's a number of things to consider; how many? What size? Which colour? Endless questions must be answered prior to making your decision, but the style of the chair you use arguably plays the most essential role in helping you to decide what to plump for. Thankfully, our range is both expansive and inclusive, making it easy for you to pinpoint your ideal purchase.

Evelyn Chair Walnut and Cream, Dining Chair

For the fashion-forward, contemporary dining chairs abound and generally adopt the form of faux leather or leather dining chairs for an understated aesthetic. Often comprising minimalist designs, they use clean lines, simple shapes, square edges and neutral colours, projecting a sense of immense subtlety and sophistication. These chairs are perfect for use in voguish dining rooms, offering a touch of class and effortlessly enhancing settings with an emphasis on the minimal. They're also a good call if you've still not reached a decision about the look of your home, owing to their uncanny tendency to blend in anywhere.

Traditional wooden dining chairs are a beautiful match for traditional homes. Imparting settings with a wealth of rustic warmth, they can complement old fashioned locations in addition to bringing a sense of history and personality to more contemporary environments. The selection of finishes on offer creates a wide range of options to choose from, helping you to select the item that best satisfies your tastes. Oak offers a light touch and is popular as a result of this. Walnut projects a sense of something more mysterious, in doing so transforming the safe look of wood into something more edgy.

Retro style dining chairs harken back to the 60s and 70s with affectionate nostalgia. The Clementine Chair provides a great example of this. Binding the funky and the functional with exceptional ease, it looks equally at home at a futuristic dining table as it would have done back in the day. Its padded seat adopts a crescent like shape, giving way to an ergonomic sitting experience.

Aesthetically, padded chairs can supply modern rooms with welcome dose of visual softness. Richly contrasting with straight lines and muted details, they add a wealth of warmth to contemporary interiors, all the while enhancing, rather than detracting from their chic appeal.

Newton Wooden Chair, Dining Chair, Traditional Chair

Meanwhile, modern items produce striking chairs that utilise exotic materials. ABS and Acrylic Perspex Dining Chairs are receptive to the influence of a rainbow of colours and channel light to extraordinary effect. Modern dining chairs possess the ability to instantly update homes, so if you fancy a change but fear being drastic, why not opt for one of these?

Style is not just about period or seat material, however. Features and finishes are similarly instrumental in helping you to come to your decision. While many are after a traditional look, some prefer products which blend the technical ingenuity of bar stools with the low height of a good dining chair.

It's these subtle distinctions that help to determine the differences between house and home, so think hard as you browse through different styles of chairs, and you'll most certainly be rewarded.