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Counter Stools - An American Infusion into the British Kitchen

At Atlantic Shopping we stock hundreds of counter stools and want to help customers find exactly the right one. Let's start by talking about what makes a counter stool and why they're so popular both sides of the Atlantic. Different countries have different words for the same thing, such as crisps in the UK, being chips in the US, and chips in the US being known as french fries. Counter stools is one of those words.

American English Vs British English

Countertop is a phrase originally coined in the US and Canada. Here in the UK, the same thing is more commonly known as the kitchen worktop or work surface. Likewise, the seats used with it, in the United States are called counter stools and in the UK we know them as kitchen stools. In reality they’re exactly the same thing, the only difference is their name. One aspect that does change is preference of style. Here are top 5 US / UK kitchen stools:

Best Selling Kitchen Stools Lush Chrome Stool Black Eve Wooden Bar Stool Cream Leather Gloss Coco Bar Stool Mint Bar Stool Brown Pluto Bar Stool White

At the heart of your home

Whilst the kitchen is the heart of the home and has remained the same over the years, the purpose of the counter / work surface has evolved with modern living. Once solely used for the preparation of food, now it’s a multipurpose and versatile accessory used for a multitude of activities, including eating meals, gathering the family round, along with other odd jobs such as completing homework.

Lattice Grey Bar Stool At A Kitchen Work Surface

Whether you call them counter or kitchen stools, the measurements for both UK and US stools are largely the same. A kitchen worktop measures approximately 90cm from the floor to underside, and the corresponding stools have a seat height of around 65-75cm. Read our Bar Stool Sizing Guide for more information about calculating the right height to ensure optimum comfort.

You can find sizing and material details for all of our products in the 'Descriptions & Dimensions' section on each product page. If you'd like further helpful advice before buying your kitchen stools, head on over to our advice section.

We’ve carefully selected our range so they’re all the correct height for your kitchen worktop. Browse our full range of kitchen stools.