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Deluxe Palermo Bed

Knightsbridge Bed

Choosing the Right Bed

When you walk into someone's bedroom the main thing that catches our attention is the bed, it holds the centrepiece of the room and often sets the bedrooms theme. Being that there is such a wide variety of beds available to cater for peoples range of needs and preferences, a little time is required before buying your bed to ascertain your own personal requirements. Initially you need to establish what size bed you want, examine your room to determine what size will best fit in with the space available. For example at first a four-poster bed may appeal, but mostly the height of four poster beds with a canopy is around 8 foot, so if you have low ceilings this bed would not successfully meet your needs.

Single beds are ideal for children's bedrooms, for smaller rooms or to be put in guest rooms, the dimensions are 39" wide and 75" long. In past times the single bed was viewed as being something very simple and ordinary, but if space is an issue or you want to create a guest room and still achieve the luxury look and style that comes often with the design of larger beds then fear not. The Single Faux Palermo Bed has every bit of class and sophistication as its larger peers and looks incredibly chic. Double beds are only 15" wider than a Single bed and the same length of 75", so if two adults are sharing a bed that leaves them with 27" each. This size bed is ideal for smaller, slighter couples or solo sleepers that like to have a bit more space to stretch out. If couples want that bit of extra room in bed many are now opting for a King size bed, two people sleeping in a King size bed end up have the same amount of space each as in a twin, the overall dimensions are 76" wide and 80" long.

It is also wise to consider particular design elements that are visible in your room, whether your decor is more traditional or contemporary. Another thing to think about is the materials that you prefer, as beds are made up of a variety of materials; some are made from wood, some are covered with real leather, others have padded back rests and so on. You then need to establish the colour and the aesthetical look you want to create that can transform your room into something really special. With all of these elements taken into account the final choice of your bed will no doubt be the right one.

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