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Choosing The Correctly Styled Funky Chair

Different chairs lend different styles, so it’s important you find the right one for you and your home. What suits one interior may look dramatically different in another, depending on the surrounding furniture and overall décor style. We offer a wide range of funky chairs with a spectrum of available colours, shapes and iconic retro designs, and therefore there are a few things to consider before you buy…

Funky Styled Swan Chair Grey

Chosen Era

Many of our fabulous funky chairs are replicas of iconic models from throughout the 20th century. From iconic 50's designs like the Swan to more recent modern models, they were inspired by a variety of pioneering design movements that ensured furniture would never be the same again.

If styling a room around a particular era, you need to make sure you select furniture from the right decade to get that authentic look. Why not read our Funky Chairs Through The Ages article for a more in-depth look at some of these innovative designs and the decade in which they were first launched?

Yet whilst we offer distinctly retro inspired chairs like the BB Swivel, we also sell several ultra-modern models that will infuse your interior with their contemporary chic. In fact, due to the cyclical evolution in furniture design the two will often overlap, with retro styles coming back into fashion having undergone trendy modern makeovers.

A classic example would be our Eames replica chairs, available with gloss, matte satin or upholstered seats, along with the choice of DSR or DSW bases.

Intended Location

Marvellously multipurpose, our funky chairs will enhance a wide range of interiors and are a sure way to add style to a room. Used in the home they can be grouped around the dining table, or used as a stunning feature pieces in the lounge or study. Alternatively they’re ideal for businesses, making a fun addition to reception or waiting areas as well as coffee shops and bars.

Whether for domestic or commercial use, it’s important to consider where you’re going to use the chair. Not only does it need to fit in with the style of the room as a whole, but it’s key to ensure it complements (and not conflicts) with the rest of the furniture. Funky seating makes the perfect finishing touch to chic retro styled interiors, lending a nostalgic flair that’s always set to impress. Yet it can just as easily add a unique twist and interesting focal point to simple or neutral décor schemes.

Overall Size

It’s key you get your measurement is right, size should also be taken into account as many funky designs are larger than standard dining models. A handy trick is to lay out sheets of newspaper to the dimensions of the chair on the floor of your chosen room. This will help you to visualise how much space it will take up, along with how much space is left for you to move around. Larger designs are great for making a statement and packing a visual punch, either as striking centrepieces or to fill in a corner or alcove area. Smaller models may be preferred in more compact spaces like the bedroom, or as an eye-catching feature grouped around a low coffee table.

Design Features

There are a number of stylistic features that will define the look of your chair, and you should let these guide your decision...

Striking Shape

Funky Shaped Clementine Chair Purple

Did you know that the shape of a seat can noticeably transform the look of a room? Round or curved chairs like the Clyde will complement interiors with other curved furniture beautifully. Grouping them round a circular dining table, near a bubble lampshade or oval coffee table will lend a visually pleasing and harmonious appearance.

On the other hand, they can also cut a striking contrast in more traditional rooms with an excess of straight, symmetrical lines. Popular crescent shaped designs like the Clementine, shown to the left, will soften the look of such interiors, creating a more casual and playful look for a relaxed and welcoming aesthetic.

Seville Chair Black With Funky Pedestal Base

The frame that sits below the seat can also influence a chair’s overall styling. No matter the shape or colour of the seat, a four-legged base will always lend a slightly more traditional appearance, as seen in the Monte Oak Chair Brewster Stripe.

Alternatively, there’s something undeniably futuristic about a pedestal base. These central columns allow enhanced functionality, meeting the demands of modern living where greater accessibility is needed.

As pictured, the Seville is a popular example with an inbuilt gas lift mechanism for adjustable height and 360 swivel, only increasing its cool contemporary vibe.

Colour & Material

Spiral Chair With Funky Red Upholstery

If you’re thinking of buying a funky chair over a standard model no doubt you’re aesthetically minded, and hence colour and material will be of paramount importance. Yet when considering upholstery, you do need to keep in mind the overall décor of the room they’ll be placed in.

In a small or cramped interior where pushed for space, a brightly coloured or patterned design could visually crowd and compete for attention. Yet vice versa, colourful seating with a bold pattern or daring shape like the Spiral, pictured, will liven things up in a simple, plain or neutral interior, adding depth, character and unmistakable style.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our fashionable collection of Retro Funky Chairs and see for yourself the myriad of styles available. They’re sure to add a stylish spark to your interior, wherever you choose to use them.