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  • Office Chair Materials

    Though the general look of office chairs is usually similar, due to being driven by the same purpose, the materials used in executing each style of office chair is different. Foam padding is the most common materials in office chairs, sculpted to give high levels of support...

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  • Office Chair Features

    Office chairs are, as the name suggests, mainly designed to be used in the office environment. Comfort over long periods of time is of paramount importance to the office chair, as they are often used day in, day out for hours at a time when you are sitting behind a desk or...

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  • Differences Between Office Chair Types

    Choosing the right office chair for yourself can be a bewildering process, as office chairs are available with a huge range of options. Ranging from the design or type of office chair to the material it is made from, confusion can come easily when you are unsure what to look...

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