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Kitchen Counter Stools

Published on 13th September, 2011 @ 17:49

Kitchen counter stools are a diverse and varied range that provide a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen bar or breakfast bar. As the modern kitchen has readily transformed from a utilitarian space into the hub of the home, the role of the kitchen counter has changed from an area previously designated only for the preparation of food, into a place that the family gathers, spends mealtimes and even does the homework.

The styles of modern kitchen stools vary vastly, from the simple galley kitchen with an integrated breakfast bar at one end, to those with kitchen islands that people can congregate around and even modern designer kitchens, with multi layer countertops specific to function; a low counter for preparing food and a higher, raised counter to sit at for meals and drinks.

Because of this, the modern kitchen counter requires dynamic seating in the form of kitchen stools to best achieve a harmonious environment that is productive and relaxing. The most ideal items to use at a kitchen bar are the gas lift bar stools, which feature a variable gas lift mechanism that allows for variable height. This allows you to tailor the height depending on your needs; raising the seat for a higher counter area or to accommodate a small child, allowing them so sit in comfort at whatever location you care to place the stools at. The gas lift also provides 360 degree swivel, making access all the easier; any occupant can rotate from side to side allowing them to get on and off the stool much more simply, without the kitchen counter getting in the way.

We also sell fixed height kitchen stools which do not raise or lower, but what they lack in functionality they make up for with added rigidity and durability. These types of stool provide a uniform appearance as the seats are all always at the same height, creating a sleek, professional look that adds style to any location. These stools often come in two sizes; those at bar height, with a seat of around 67cm to be used with a 90cm standard height counter or bar table, and those taller stools with seat heights of around 80cm, ideal for a commercial height counter or poseur table.

Besides from the round base, central stem designs that make up the majority of stools, you can also find further fixed height examples, such as those with four legs in both metal and wooden construction, and Z-style stools with round cushions atop expertly crafted chrome plated frames. Durable materials such as stain resistant faux leather, lacquered wood and high impact ABS resin kitchen stools are available, perfect for the lively and intense area that is the kitchen, whilst frame finishes can vary from mirror finish chrome plating to contemporary brushed stainless steel to match with all your modern kitchen appliances and fittings.

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