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Futura Ceramic Baby Hair Straightener

Futura Slim Hair Straightener

FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener

Be Creative With Your Hair Straighteners

Buying a pair of straightening irons does not just limit you to straight dazzling lengths. It is the start of a whole exciting range of new looks. If you are heading out for the evening and fancy some dashing, bouncing curls to replace your super sleek straight look you need not go rooting round for your curlers, just pick up your pair of Futura Baby Straighteners and we are away! Below are some different techniques used to produce differing effects with your hair straighteners.

How to Create Curls

To create curls take small sections of your hair, starting near the top gently clamp the hair between the plates and twist the iron up and around and slide it gently down the section of hair, you can then shape the curl with your fingers. Repeat this process with more and more sections and before you know it you'll have a whole head full of curly locks. Another straightener ideal for this is Futura Clic Straightener.

Creating Waves In Your Hair

The straightening irons can also be used to create waves by taking a section of hair and starting right at the root twist the iron 180 degrees and then gently slide it down towards the ends of your hair which can achieved by using the Futura Slim Straightener. This method is very much like curling ribbon with a pair of scissors, the faster you go the looser and more wave like your hair becomes, and the slower you slide the tighter the wave is. Combining looser and tighter waves can also look very effective.

Creating Twists In Your Hair

To add a twist to your straightened hair why not add a flip at the ends by straightening as normal until you get to the final two inches, then curl the iron in or out depending on which way you want the flip to go. One straighenter you could use to do this is FHI Ceramic Hair Straightener.This looks particularly good with shorter hair and styled bobs. To keep your styles in place and to hold the waves and curls it is advisable to use some products on your hair.

Before making a wave or a curl spray the section lightly with hairspray this will hold them in place and stop them from falling out. When you have finished your hair style make sure that you clean the plates well so that you don't get product build up, to do this all you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth.

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