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Here at Atlantic Shopping we offer a vast array of top quality bar tables, all using a wide range of materials for both frames and tops.  Our collection is constantly expanding, ensuring you have a multitude of choice when making your purchase. In selecting the right material for your table, it’s important you keep in mind location and use. What is best suited for a busy, bustling bar will inevitably differ from that of a more sedate, refined exhibition stand. Similarly you should decide what look you’re going for, as a funky faux leather surface will create an entirely different vibe from sleek polished granite....

Frame Materials

Bar Table frames

Due to the elevated height of bar tables, you inevitably see more of their frame than a normal dining table. Providing a stable structure that the table top will sit on, it is crucial the frame acts as a strong and secure support at the same time as being pleasing to look at. Whilst many prefer a traditional wooden frame, contemporary steel frames are proving increasingly popular due to their two different frame which can be matched to their surroundings.

1) Steel - Brushed & Chrome Frames

A slick mirrored chrome frame is the budget savvy choice, great for a futuristic feel or retro American roadside diner décor alike. For a designer touch, brushed steel offers a slightly more expensive alternative that coordinates with many modern kitchen appliances. Being substantial in weight ensures strength and stability, and many include rubberised plastic floor protectors to help minimise damage to floors. A great example of a brushed steel model is the Vetro Brushed, a modern design that will compliment a vast array of interiors.

2) Wooden Frames

After a more traditional option? Choose a classic wooden frame with a conventional four-leg design. In a range of coloured grains and finishes, wood delivers a homely, rustic look that’s notably warmer than steel. Durable and strong, wooden frames are a dependable choice with popular models including the Sorrento.


Table Top Materials

Different table top materials create different looks, each with their own individual attributes. With five types on offer, we will talk you through each one in turn.

1) Glass

For a tasteful polished look, nothing beats an elegant glass surface. With the choice of clear glass, smoked or black, delivering that premium look has never been easier. Crafted from 10 or 12mm toughened safety glass, it’s a practical material that can easily be wiped down should spillages occur. However it is slightly more delicate than other surface materials, and therefore would not perhaps be well suited to a rowdy bar environment or fast-paced home with boisterous children or lively pets.

2) ABS Plastic

With a fashionable high gloss finish, ABS is a plastic resin that reflects the light. Infusing your surroundings with a funky, modern look, it can be moulded to a variety of striking shapes in a classic black or chic white. Scratch and stain resistant, it’s a highly practical material that’s characteristically easy to maintain and simple to clean. A typical glossy example is the Podium, but if you’d rather a matte finish then the Bombo is a great alternative.

3) Wood

For homely organic charm or classic country chic, a wooden top is a steadfast choice. There are a variety of different finishes on offer with laminate proving the most durable, a remarkably low maintenance option due to its inability to mark – which is very similar to your kitchen worksurface. The heavy-duty nature of wood means its ideal for intensive use, its hard-wearing quality proven through it's popularity throughout history. For a smooth varnished finish, why not try the Sovereign. One of our bestselling products, it comes in both square and round designs, or a stylish painted finish for something a little different.

4) Granite & Marble

Looking to make a statement? A granite or marble bar table top will infuse your surroundings with that exclusive, luxury feel. Marble is the slightly cheaper option as though striking to look at, its porous nature means it’s slightly more susceptible to marks and scratches. Greater care must therefore be taken to prevent it from staining. A slightly more expensive choice is granite, which is stronger and harder, immensely robust, unlikely to stain, mark and scratch and is overall easier to maintain. Both are available in a variety of different edge designs, from bull nose to under chamfer, for a stylish bespoke look. Furthermore, both are notably heavy and require an upmarket base to hold them, as a lower centre of gravity is required for optimum stability.

5) Faux Leather

Faux Leather makes for an eye-catching bar table surface, a trendy alternative to more traditional materials at minimal cost. Its flexible nature means it can be sculpted to fit both round and square models, and is great for matching with faux leather stools for a coordinated, uniform look. Resilient to staining and most harsh chemicals, it’s simple to maintain with a quick and easy wipe down. For a shining example of faux leather’s versatility, take a look at the Faux Leather Bar Stool Table.

Here are five of our most popular bar tables, each using a different material:

Popular Bar Tables Made From Different Materials Vetro Chrome Bar Table With Clear Glass Top Typhoon Bar Table WIth Black ABS Plastic Top Soveriegn Bar Table With Black Painted Surface Milan Bar Table With Carrera White Marble Black Faux Leather Bar Table

Spoilt for choice? Browse our full range of bar tables and you’re bound to find the right model for you.