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  • Correct Height For Kitchen Stools

    As kitchen layouts become advanced and include state-of-the-art interiors it has become a popular design for the kitchens to include a bar area, as a stylish alternative to a table. Obtaining the correct height stool is a necessity to maximise comfort...

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  • Styles Of Kitchen Stools

    There are many different types and styles of kitchen stools on the market. Varying from the modern designer type through to the more traditional wooden. In the last five years there has also been an introduction of abs plastic and acrylic seats to give...

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  • Counter Stools

    This is an American term which we in the UK call kitchen stools. In the US it gets its name from the seating around a counter top - to which us in Britain call worktops, or work-surface. Both phrases have the same meaning and these designs have been specially chosen...

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