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  • Choosing The Correct Breakfast Stool

    Stools placed at a breakfast bar are designed to be used in an environment where food and drink is in abundance, and so when choosing the correct seat material, this has to be taken into account. Wood, ABS and faux leather are probably the best for...

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  • Colours Of Breakfast Bar Stools

    In today's modern kitchen design, colour has become everything. The latest trend in breakfast bar stools is to choose a contrasting colour to your kitchen cabinets. Pop colours are also popular, such as orange, lime green for that extra flare, giving accented style to your...

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  • Padded Breakfast Bar Stools

    As we are spending more and more time in our designer kitchens, seated at the kitchen counter, we all want comfort. Nothing can beat a padded breakfast bar stool! With sumptuous padding and a high backrest that supports our whole back, we can sit there for hours eating and...

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