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Tables are integral pieces of furniture within any setting, and can be utilised in a number of ways. Consequently, they are produced in a diverse range of heights that will accommodate to your specific needs and choice of decor. Customarily there are five main heights available, each with different properties and used for varying purposes. We have featured a comparative look at each of these standard styles in the diagram below, including a handy indication of their typical measurements. Additionally, we have included a brief overview of each style, going into greater detail about their intended use in order to provide you with key information prior to any future purchases.

Table Height Guide

Bar and Poseur Tables

The tallest of the designs that we offer are poseur tables, which generally stand between 100 and 110cm high. Their height means that they are often utilised in commercial environments to conveniently assist customers whilst they are standing or sat on a high stool. Similar to poseurs, bar tables are frequently used in kitchens and commercial areas. However, in order to accompany standard bar stools they are usually shorter and fixed at around 90cm tall, which is the same as kitchen counter height. For this reason, they are also well suited for domestic use, and can effortlessly create a compact dining or bar area within a variety of spaces. Due to their taller stature, these two types of surface also designed with a heavier base to balance the increased centre of gravity, and will therefore offer effective stability.

In addition, dating back to the 1800's, console tables usually stand at 90cm high and are becoming increasingly popular designs employed within homes. Typically placed against a wall, they are regarded as decorative storage units as they do not tend to take up too much space, and can be used as a perfect hall or multi-purpose side table.

Dining & Kitchen Tables

A centralised feature in any home, dining tables are normally fixed at around 75cm high. Specifically designed for use alongside average dining chairs of 45cm high, they ultimately ensure the best possible posture and comfort when seated for extended periods. Possessing a similar height to desks, they are also offered in a larger range of shapes and materials due to their increased stability and consequent ability to be made into forms that could be impractical at a greater height.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are fast becoming an essential components of modern living rooms, and have a height of between 45 and 50cm. Sometimes referred to as occasional tables, they are the most stable due to their low height. As a result, they are available in a wider range of styles and sizes than many of their taller counterparts. Although they are not really designed to be sat around, they make ideal partners to sofas in living spaces, enabling placement of drinks and other items whilst relaxing. As a shorter alternative to console tables, they can also be placed in the corner of a room or corridor for miscellaneous purposes, demonstrating their multi-functional abilities.